102: Incoming growth

102: Incoming growth

Phew, today I moved heaven and earth, literally. 

Today I was cracking on with a 430m2 lawn renovation, but fitted in 2 assessments on the hop.

Well today things are starting to work, in a most familiar way.

Which should be easy to manage, but change isn't always easy to manage.

I've moved from very humble beginnings 2 weeks ago to now having a good gathering of new customers for lawn care, lawn renovation and lawn repairs around my home town of Harrogate.

But it's just the beginning and I need to spend some time making sure I'm building back a better All Gardening.

The move from idea to trading (note that was 1st of March), to really going has happened perhaps as fast as I'd expect, but it's still not easy.

What happened today makes me think we're moving into a new stage on this lawn business, past the start and more into the build.

What sign tells me that, well so far all the effort has been outbound marketing and sales, BUT, today was the first incoming enquiry.

It was a small lawn, just local to me, needed some care to bring it back to it's best, it wasn't too far gone so easy to pull back. 

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