103: I don't want a cricket pitch

103: I don't want a cricket pitch

It's often said to me at assessments, "I don't want a cricket pitch", as if to say "I don't want something really good".

If it's not as good as It can be, then how good does it need to be?

I often ponder the question, just how good?

I take real pride in making a lawn look as good as it can be, the thing to note here is, most lawns can't be a "cricket pitch", so many variables won't allow a fine lawn cut at 5mm, most residential lawns are best kept at 30-40mm, a few can get down to 21mm.

But, that said, we can try and look after your lawn as well as it can be looked after, and as we learn more about it and how much you learn to love your lawn, we might just be able to make you start to think more about that "cricket pitch".

Maybe you don't like cricket, but you can love your lawn!

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