104: Forwards or backwards

104: Forwards or backwards

Let's think really carefully about your lawn, really carefully.

I've learnt over many years that a lawn can only get better or worst, it can never be the same.

I was reminded of this just yesterday on a lawn assessment in Harrogate when the client mentioned to me that their lawn had looked "so good" last year.

Year on year your lawn will never be the same, so many things will happen this year that didn't happen last year.

For instance and as an example, last year we welcomed a dog to the family, Oban was also welcomed to the lawn.

The lawn is now very different to last year, not a big worry.

But here's the thing, whilst the lawn was looking great last year, this year it's going to be a different story.

What I have to do is help it get back to condition by doing things "differently" than the previous year.

Lawn renovation seems to fit my mindset, whilst my lawn is still lovely, it's going to need slightly more intensive care this spring.

Most lawns need renovating from time to time.

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