106: Lawn over-seeding kit and grass on my van

106: Lawn over-seeding kit and grass on my van

So cool, it's taken just a handful of weeks but today, the 23rd of March I've received my first online order for an overseeding kit!

I'm so excited, I kinda never thought it would happen, but it did.
So the product that I'd always thought would be most popular, for one day is!

Lawn overseeding kit, to be honest, it's the number one job I'd start with on any lawn, I mean any lawn.

Overseeding with professional-grade seed is a total game-changer for a lawn, over the last 50 years or so grass technology has advanced so much, and if you've lived with a lawn for more than a handful of years your lawn could do with overseeding for sure.

The seed and feed types we provide have been tested by us time and time again, which means when you do get round to overseeding we can tell you exactly what we would expect to happen, when and how to look after the lawn after overseeding.

Oh and the other thing is, on my van bonnet, just a small section I put grass, not real grass but a small bit of artificial grass that LOOKS like grass, it's going to finish off the van beautifully!

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