113: Discovering the joy of a beautiful lawn

113: Discovering the joy of a beautiful lawn

The lawns we look after give their owners more joy and pleasure than you could ever imagine.

Before we dig into the options to get you to lawn joy, we want to highlight something obvious. There are many millions of lawns and gardens that DON'T give much joy, for that matter, there are plenty of lawns and gardens that are an absolute nightmare to look after. 

We probably have all had to deal with a lawn that is just too long, too wet or too uneven. 

But it's not what we want. 

That's why the word "joy" is sitting right there in the middle of the headline (we could use "pleasure", "delight", "love", or "relaxation".

We want our customers to feel something. 

That's what we like to do... maximise the power of your garden. Joy, pleasure, relaxation, love. 

Our Lawn Plans are built to match your needs, simple, impact or complete. 

Where do you feel a lawn service should fit?

Lawn Plan Complete - our flagship service, a beautiful lawn all year round.

Lawn Plan Impact - you'll know if you need to make changes.

Lawn Plan Basic - keep things under control, regular feeds and weed control.

Lawn Plan Renovation - a better option that a new lawn.

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