126: Get started with our Lawn Plan Complete

126: Get started with our Lawn Plan Complete

The truth is there is always a good time of year to start looking at having your lawn improved.

If you lawn has suffered over the year there are a few signs to look for if you're considering what to do.

Lawn growth - if your lawn has variable levels of lawn growth, some of the lawn looks better than other parts your lawn probably needs a good feed.

Lawn weeds - during the year weeds can come into your lawn in a number of ways, and when you maintain your lawn you might even spread the weeds through the lawn mowing process, it's always a good idea to get your lawn sprayed for weeds. Doing this won't damage the grass but will kill off the weeds.

Lawn thatch - this is a layer of old, dead grass that sits at the base of the plants, to deal with this its best to have your lawn scarified, keep in mind there is a best way to do this, and it's not always a heavy handed job.

Lawn moss - depending on how the lawn is maintained or growing on (soil), you might find moss comes in each and every year, so it's best to get some moss control down and also shortly after a light scarification to life out the moss.

The most important thing to keep in mind with a lawn is this, it can only get better or worst, it natures way to go in the direction it wants to, so as a lawn owner you have to from time to time make sure only the good things happen to your lawn.

If you're in doubt as to what to do, what can be done and where to go with your lawn care and lawn maintenance just get in touch we can help you what ever the time of year, make sure the right things are done.

Contact us for a free lawn assessment and quote.

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