128: The 5 pro tips to lawn scarification

128: The 5 pro tips to lawn scarification

Lawn scarification is a huge subject, one that we often talk about all day long!


Because most lawns ONLY get scarified when they are in super bad condition, but you can scarify a lawn at any time of the year, and at any point of the season.

Here are a few points about lawn scarification and some notes from us

  1. Lawn scarification can be done any time of year, but it's best done during the growing season (March - November).
  2. It is a very very good idea to pre feed your lawn 4-6 weeks before you scarify, you want active growth, this will speed up recovery.
  3. There are levels of scarification, let's say level 1 to level 5, level 1 being a very light, almost brush over the lawn, and level 5 being a double or triple scarification in 2 or 3 directions.
  4. If your going to carry out a double or triple pass scarification we would always recommend clearing the moss, thatch and grass and then give the lawn a cut, this allows for a tidy job and allows much easier clearance of the green waste that comes from scarification.
  5. To keep a lawn in good condition lawn scarification is a number one task, best done in the early season intensively (if needed) and lightly in the later season (be careful).

What we love about a well scarified lawn is you can get a very clean short cut, if a lawn is well maintained from a scarification point of view you'll be able to get the cut height down to 14mm easily.

by the way to get the low cut to look super nice it's important that you have the right grass type, sometimes it's a good idea to do scarification, over seeding and dressing all in one job.

Finally, we think it's worth repeating that scarification is best done with a well fed lawn, we'd even go so far as say treat the lawn with a high N fertiliser.

You can learn more about our love of lawn scarification on our podcast, link below.

If your looking to have your lawn scarified or you want to know if and by how much you should do it, just drop us a line. 


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