131: Discover our lawn subscription service

131: Discover our lawn subscription service

Talking the other day to one of our subscribers we learnt something we didn't realise.

People sign up to our subscription because they know they will receive an exact amount of lawn fertiliser with there lawn subscription.

They will get exactly what they order, no more or no little, exactly.

What this means is they have complete control over how much feed they put down on a lawn. 

An exact amount. 

We see it that this is good for the lawn, giving it what we recommended exactly.

We also see it as a good thing for our customers, if they feed a lawn the exact amount we'll have a pretty good idea what will happen.

Almost an exact idea of what will happen.

If you want to control what you feed your lawn, and you want to have confidence in the results, give our lawn subscription service a try, remember you can cancel at anytime if you're not happy, but do talk to us before you do, we'd like to know. 


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