135: Some acorns grow better

135: Some acorns grow better

Sometimes even the easiest things don't grow how you'd want them too.

Sometimes it's about trial and error.

Sometimes it's about giving it a shot.

Sometimes it's about try, try and try again.

I have a friend, Ben, he grows fine oak trees from the finest oaks in the land (the United Kingdom).

Mighty Fine Oaks is a project, it's a life long project.

It's about doing one thing well, a life of simple.

But doing something so simple takes time to evolve.

And whilst it does, few will see the magic ahead.

We know Ben is "the man who planted trees". 

He's been doing it in his own time for years, and few know.

Here is a link to Mighty Fine Oaks

It's time others knew.

Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening

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