145: The beauty of digging

145: The beauty of digging

When I get started all I can tell you is how long it takes doesn't matter.

"Little by little, by little"

I want the garden to be perfect.

But perfect is like the plastic plants - there are many but non matter.

It is in digging little by little we grow.

And sometimes, it's easier.

I was shifting some soils today, they were wet, it never got easier.

I love the way soils do that, hang together that is, hold tight, asking for the effort.

This is how growing a garden is.

Commitment and vision.

Passion for the future.

But what we know is coming keeps us digging.

When you fall in love with the little by little, by little way, you end up visualising what's ahead.

Do the digging.

Keep doing it.

There is no quick way. 

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Phil Argent

Founder of All Gardening

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