147: Sliding doors.... where we learn

147: Sliding doors.... where we learn

When you want to grow a garden, where exactly do you start.

Well, start just outside, where the door to the garden opens.

I tell you this because we always think too big, we always start with the big space, we always start with the worst bit. 

This is like thinking that every day is the day AFTER new years day.

I mean, you're always at the beginning..

Just think, 365 days of 2nd January...

Which makes me think, there is a better way to start.

Well, I mean think big, look at the big space.

But look small, freshen up those plants by the back door, you know the ones you'll walk past everyday, the ones you'll never look at after they have been done.

What you'll find special is how you'll feel for that small moment.

The thing about growing a garden is, it's daunting.

Starting small isn't.

Have you yet?

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