149: Do one thing well

149: Do one thing well

Sounds so simple.

Do one thing well.

But it's hard.

Going deep on one thing takes time.

Going deep on one thing means you're always seeking better.

Going deep on one thing eventually comes good.

Lawns, there simple right?

There just a few bits of grass.

A few million individual blades of grass.

But this means you need to see all the options, and make the best call.

A lawn can only ever get better or worst, it can never stay the same.

Each year, each day, each growing moment will always be different.

The more you seek simple, the more complex simple is.

But the art in doing one thing well is in pushing away all the distractions and ONLY focusing on what will make the one thing you want to be good at its best.

We do lawn care, that's it.

It's narrow.


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