150: A few very simple things to do when servicing your lawn mower

150: A few very simple things to do when servicing your lawn mower

It always surprises me when I service the lawn mowers for All Gardening.

In the past I've had as many as nine to get through.

If I'm honest I really enjoy starting them up, when there fresh.

I do three tasks, and I normally do them in a specific order.

The order happens.

First I remove the old oil, I have a small seaside bucket I use to catch the oil.

Second I add the new oil, SP 30, nice stuff, it's clean. I do the fill in two parts, I add 500ml ish, it's measured, then I check the dip stick, and then I top up to the level required. Don't over fill, it can affect the engine performance.

Third I remove the spark plug and add in a new one. I always check the old sparks condition, if it's a little blackened I change the air filter. 

That's it. One, Two, and Three.

I start the machine up, give it a few minutes to settle down, and then put the blades in action, just to feel the weight on the engine. 

More times than not, it's all smooth. 

Normally, we do this to each machine 2 times per season, at the start around February, and then in July, it keeps things running along.

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