152: This is an experiment

152: This is an experiment

When we look at the world, and take a short term view, we want things now, and we don't often think about how long those thing will be around for.

I guess we look for fast, not slow.

I have a few things I've had for ever, I call them my nice things.

A nice pair of shoes, a nice watch, a nice knife, a few very nice t shirts, a nice coat, my nice bike (1982 BMX GT pro), a poem from a teacher in from 1982, a gold sovereign from my nan, you get the idea.

Lee a good friend of mine once said to me "look after your nice things, and your nice things will look after you".

Lee, never says how long you'll need to look after them for. He just says "look after them".

And over the years I have, a few nice things.

Nice things become nice things with age and the experiences I have with them.

So with that in mind I've decided to create an experiment.

I thought it was time that I settled on an All Gardening t shirt to wear for work and being out and about, and I can tell you over the years I've tried so many variations. 

But with this t shirt I thought what if it was one of my nice things, a thing that never ever went away, a lifetime t shirt.

Crazy as it may seem, no t shirt can last a life time, can it?

My job was to create a t shirt that lasted, but also give you a lifetime offer.

The offer, when its worn out, if it gets damaged, fails in someway, send it back to us and we'll do something useful, recycle it, into a new t shirt, and send you a new one.

Feels a bit risky, does this mean you'll but a one t shirt only, ever, and we'll give you hundreds for free.

This got me thinking.

So, to make things a bit more progressive and help you look after them a bit, I've decided to do the t shirts in limited batches, just 4 batches a year, (I hope given time I might be able to do pre orders and then only get made what is guaranteed a very nice home), every batch a new design, each t shirt has the same lifetime guarantee. 

I guess what I'm hoping for is people collect the various designs of t shirts, own maybe more that one, and look after each and everyone like a "very nice thing", they will last longer, much longer (Lee would be proud of you). 

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