156: Behind the scenes

156: Behind the scenes

We'll work on 85 lawns this year.

That's it.

Over the years I've always thought I need more.

But recently I've started to think I need less.

Do one thing well I started to research.

I started to look for companies that do one thing well.

When you do one thing, it means lots of people will pass you by.

But less is more.

All Gardening

So here I am, 18 years on, I've done the more and more, the biggering and biggering.

Now I'm looking for less.

So I thought I'd share with people the kit I've employed to look after thousands of lawns, many vans, many mowers.

All Gardening

This is the start of a journey.

All Gardening

A new way.

I'm only looking to work on less.

Just 85.

That it.

Here's today's video, enjoy.

Phil Founder of All Gardening

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