158: 3 winter lawn care tips

158: 3 winter lawn care tips

What colour of green is your lawn in winter?

I ask this because for a lawn there is no one colour green in winter. It can be lighter green, darker green, yellower green, mossy green, muddy green.... you get the idea.

The variation in colour tells you something about your lawn.

The variation of colour tells you what your lawn needs.

The variation of colour tells you that there is no time like the present to do something to get beautiful green come spring.

So what can you do, and when do you do it.

The variation of green will be to do largely with the soil conditions, the level of sun light, and the type of grass you have, and on that point the type of grass I'm thinking how old the grass is.

So here are my 3 tips, they can apply to most lawns.

  1. Feed your lawn. A winter feed will give it a boost, take care of the roots and harden the leaf, you shouldn't expect any growth. That said grass in good condition might perk up and grow a bit if the days are warmer and sunny.
  2. Cut your lawn. I'm a big fan of keeping a lawn looking tidy, most importantly clear all leaf fall and branches that might fall on the lawn. Keep in mind heavy leaf fall left on the lawn will blind out the grass and you might find come spring there are patches that need re seeding. So, clear and blow off the lawn, give it a light clip and you'll be able to look back with pride.
  3. Treat the moss in your lawn. Don't let moss take control, you can do a moss treatment more than once a season, it wont do any harm. If you keep on top of any moss when it comes to spring and summer the lawn will stay in better condition for longer the more maintenance and wear and tear it receives.


Oh, I should say, always sharpen you lawn mower blade, do it when ever you get a chance. Cutting a lawn is far better than bashing the grass with a blunt blade.

My thinking is, the more you prepare your lawn for spring, the better it will be when it comes.

It will be the best green it can be.

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