160: Lawn maintenance or lawn care

160: Lawn maintenance or lawn care

I guess it's the easiest of questions.

But do you need lawn maintenance or lawn care, there is a difference.

Lawn maintenance implies that the lawn is as good as it needs to be and it is just a question of ticking things along.

But do keep in mind the condition of a lawn never stays the same year on year, season on season.

Lawn care however dips into our motivators, the human desire to do things better, you can care for your lawn, make it better.

We know the difference.

But we also appreciate that some lawns needs care and some lawns need maintenance.

But we also know there are some lawns that need care and maintenance, these are the ones we like to work on most.

These lawns drive our desire to do one thing well, but motivate us to make lawn better year on year, season on season.

Do one thing well. 

Our service Lawn Plan Complete, was developed alongside our lawn care and lawn maintenance customers many year ago.

It's a hybrid service, it's lawn maintenance and lawn care. Meaning lawn cutting and lawn treatments.

Like a good green keeper coming to you place.

We've got it nail now.

And we're looking for 85 new customers onto our Lawn Plan Complete service this year.

85. That's all.

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