161: Hayter 48 Pro - 12 month user review

161: Hayter 48 Pro - 12 month user review

The mowers we use matters.

Over the years there has only really been one machine we use.

A Hayter 48 Pro.

It the foundation machine of our Lawn Plan Complete service, I'd go so far as saying it's the main reason we developed the service, "the machine was too good to just {cut} grass"

But over the years, as Hayter has changed ownership, the product has changed.

The machine hasn't always been very good. Perhaps over the last 18 years there has been 3-4 models of the same machine we have purchased.

I'd go so far as saying we have bought 15 to date.

But most of the 15 have had significant issues that have cost a lot to fix.

Mostly the rear roller assembly and gear box, and drive system.


With the machine that I bought last year I can say its the best model so far.

The new rear roller and gear system are ace, robust to the last detail.

The carrying handle is back on, it could be better placed a little more mid machine than back of machine to make the lift less dead weight, and more balanced between back and from axle.

The washing system, good bar not quite up to the job. To keep things in order it's best to pressure wash often and use the wash system in summer days.

The wheels are great, robust and strong.


The biggest change that will save many many hours and much wear and tear is the new bumper bar, and the little end of bar plugs. 

Here's today's podcast and below a video review too.



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