168: Do one thing well

168: Do one thing well

Be narrow.

A while back I created a service for All Gardening, It was simple to me, offer lawn cutting and add in lawn treatments.

I called it Lawn Plan Complete.

Over the many years All Gardening has been around it has offered many types of garden and landscape services.

But this year 2023, I'm going to focus on just one.

I thought it might be easier to do something everyone wouldn't want.

After all everyone is a lot of people.

I thought I'd like to matter a lot to a few people.

A small crowd.

So, today I've started a small advertising campaign, it's promoting one service.

That service is called Lawn Plan Complete.

It's not for everyone.

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The Growing All Gardening podcast with Phil Argent.

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Just you and me. No ads, no guests.

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