169: What makes grass grow at the emirates stadium

169: What makes grass grow at the emirates stadium

Today I stepped out onto our lawn.

Our lawn I gave a quick cut last week, it was looking a bit shabby.

But today I could now see some growth, I knew the lawn was growing, but by just how much wasn't clear.

The growth across the lawn wasn't consistent.

Which got me thinking, what makes a lawn grow.

I think in the late winter into early spring what makes the grass grow is the light levels, and the intensity of the light, which I guess comes down to photosynthesis.

Some grasses respond well to bright light, the rye grasses.

Some of that bright light is also warm, I think that helps.

Which got me thinking, what else using lights and a bit of warmth to grow grass especially rye grasses.

If you've ever wanted to know just how Premier Football Clubs like Arsenal get there playing surfaces to look so good over winter and early spring it comes down to light and how it's used, plus a bit of under pitch heating to keep roots just warm enough to keep healthy. 

Which got me thinking, if you want a really nice lawn, hard wearing and looks good most of the year it needs to be dominated with rye grasses.

The rye grasses at the Emirates Stadium are 2 particular cultivars - Eurodiamond and Columbine.

There seem to do a good job.

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