174: I've been working on an old Hayter 48 pro.

174: I've been working on an old Hayter 48 pro.

The small things matter

I've been working on an old Hayter 48 pro.

It's a lovely machine. Must be 20 years old at a guess.

But it had a wobbly handle.

And you know when you try and move it around the lawn, the mower doesn't quite go where you'd want it to go.

So you have to make adjustments.

Thousands of minor adjustments.

There is one bolt.

Just one.

Yes just one that matters. 

It's the bolt that connects the handle to the mower deck.

When it's tight you feel in control over the machine.

You know what direction it's going.

The mower has focus. Precision.

This is mowing, this is what it gives you.



And that my friends is the starting point of a beautiful lawn.

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