178: Rules is rules, PHEW!

178: Rules is rules, PHEW!

There are some rules that need to remain ALWAYS rules.

I have a couple, but my most prized is...

Look after your new things and your new things will look after you.

Which brings me to growing grass from seed.

A lawn grown from seed can be the most beautiful thing.

For one reason, It's 100% yours.

If you get a lawn installed, all the hard work of growing the seed was someone else's work. They looked after your nice thing, then gave it to you.

But, if you grow your lawn from seed yourself (or with some very kind help from us), you'll have a totally different feeling about your lawn.

You'll love it.

You'll want to care for it.

You'll look at it differently.

You'll have a very nice thing.

And as an old friend of my once told me, "if you look after your nice things Phil, your nice things will look after you".

Seems so simple.



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