181: The REAL reason moss keeps growing in your lawn

181: The REAL reason moss keeps growing in your lawn

If you want a fine lawn, you're going to have to learn about moss.

Moss won't go away on its own.

Moss is not there because the garden "allows" it to be there.

There isn't one specific soil condition that leads to moss growth, moss can develop due to a number of challenges, including:

Excessive shade with poor sunlight for plant growth.

Damp soil, whether from poor drainage, regular rain, or run off from area water sources.

Soil that is low in nutrients or not regularly feed.

Compacted soils that does not allow for adequate air (oxegen).

The thing is some years like 2022 most recently will have cultivated some if not more of these conditions.

The best thing to do is take action.

Timely action can be as simple as a treatment with Ferrous sulphate & nitrogen, this will kill off the moss growth. 

After that scarification. 

Perhaps aeration. 

Then regular treatments of Ferrous sulphate and a good lawn fertilser will work wonders.

Do any moss control when there is active moss and grass growth and consistent soil temperatures between 7 and 21 degrees.

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