182: How to develop the perfect garden: In 5 stages

182: How to develop the perfect garden: In 5 stages

It's one of the biggest questions I get asked, "where do I start".

Well after many years of working in gardens and on lawns I can hold heartily suggest 2 ways, which is either DIY do it yourself or DIFM do it for me (hire some expert help.

Once you've decided what you're going to do and what you're going to get hired help for we'd suggest you break down the garden into 5.

Stage 1: Lawn Plan: Get the lawn in order, this is 92% of most gardens and sets up the garden.

Stage 2: Garden Plan: Look at the garden beds and what plants you have. Then plan to infill or develop the beds.

Stage 3: Tree Plan: Trees, the trees you plant you may not see reach there full potentail, but the right tree in the right place will give you pride as you see it develop.

Stage 4: Landscaping: Design, plan and build. If you're going to be ambitious, it's going to be best if you get a plan in place, a budget set and take it from there.


Stage 5: Online shopping, somethings like the gear you wear to garden in and other stuff you'll use is best found online. 

This is how we at All Gardening work, we think that you can start at any point of the 5 stages, and we'll help you develop the stages you haven't quite got a focus on yet.

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