186: What do you want your garden to be

186: What do you want your garden to be

If you had the chance to start with a blank garden canvas.

What would you do first.

Would you plant a tree?

Would you put in a patio?

Would you carve out an area for flowers?

Would you grow a fine lawn?


Put in a shed.

Put in potatoes.

Grow tomatoes.

Or would you just grab a chair and sit in your garden.

Grab a brew, a glass of wine, a beer, and ponder.

Find your favourite spot perhaps.

You know that sunny warm spot.

You see to really know how to grow a garden, you must know what you want it to be.

To know what you want it to be, you must take time to understand what it is.

Or what it could be.

Or what it could give you.

Think slow, take the time, discover what it is to you.

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