191: OPEN.

191: OPEN.



The All Gardening Cafe will be OPEN.

Next Saturday I’ll be hosting an open Zoom call.

For 12 hours. 9 til 9.

It’s an opportunity for anyone to pop in and say hi. Share chat about gardens n stuff, and meet for the first time. Be people in the same room.

I’m lowering the barrier to entry.

Just a Zoom link and mutual trust.

The agenda is not set.

But you can guarantee good things will happen.

There maybe crickets.


Or there may be.

The unexpected.

The surprising.

I hope my friends will visit.

I know the ones who will.

So if you have time spare on Saturday.

At whatever point in your day.

Wherever in the world you are.

And you happen to be online.

Drop by. Say hi.

There’s an open channel.

It’s inclusive. It’s different.

And it will be an education.

It’s working title is…


… to conversation.

… to opportunity.

… to new friends.

I will be.

Are you?


Just drop me a comment or DM and I’ll send you a link.

I'll also post the link in the event discussion next week.

Oh and there’s one rule.

Just a tiny one.

There’s no selling.

I just want to be open about that : )



Saturday 25th March 2023

9am – 9pm GMT / UTC

Link to the All Gardening Cafe


Cheers for now

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