196: Some things pass through to fast

196: Some things pass through to fast

If you look very closely at a "gathering" of Daffodils you might see variations of flower.

I learnt this over 18 years ago after my first visit to Jacques Amand bulb specialist in London. 

For over 90 years, Jacques Amand has offered flowering bulbs of many varieties to discerning gardeners.

The company began as a flower shop in the Strand when Jean Jacques Amand arrived from the Netherlands in 1927. Since then the company has grown to become a major supplier of bulbs from well-established favorites to the rare and unusual, and is renowned for the diversity and quality of bulbs offered to customers in many countries.

When I first walked into meet John Amand the grandson of Jacques, I was struck by the smell. A waft of dry garlic.

But more importantly it seemed like the most optimistic place on earth.

I thought to myself.

I only wished the flowers from bulbs lasted longer.

They pass through so fast.

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