197: Lawn from seed? Get it flat first.

197: Lawn from seed? Get it flat first.

One of the things I love most about our service Lawn Plan Complete is we start at the beginning.

We start by growing a new lawn from seed, not always but quite often.

Starting with seed gives us control over what we expect to see happen with the lawn.

We're not just renovating a lawn, which we do like to do, we're growing something completely new.

Seed takes time.

Seeding take patience.

One of the most important things to do, to not rush, to get right is the levels of the lawn.

They need to be consistent. Not perfect. No lawn is perfectly flat, it moves.

Even the best grass surfaces like football pitches are never perfect.

But when seeding getting it just right means your going to give the lawn the best start.

You see once the grass has germinated, and its now turf, the shallows aren't very easy to address.

My rule, take your time.

When your happy, then over seed.

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