200: After 200 podcasts here's the hard truth

200: After 200 podcasts here's the hard truth

After 200 days of producing podcasts, mostly doing them Monday to Friday over the last 2 years, I thought I'd highlight 10 things I've learnt.

Highlighting 10 things is hard, 200 podcasts, 10 things?

Here's the thing.

At first I wanted more to happen.

A lot more.

I guess I wanted more reward.

We all want something back for doing something.

I did.

I didn't want fame, but I did want to feel that there was a reward.

We chase reward because it motivates us to do more.

This is why we do what we do.

This is why I'm building All Gardening.

That's what I thought.

The truth that I quickly learnt was there is little reward, no quick reward, no quick win, no fame, no business changing change.

But there was a day when I started to feel different.

About 130 podcasts in.

I started feeling like I was building a brand, a story, memories.

I feel better for having done 200 podcasts now, I feel pride, a reward and sense of achievement,

I've done something very few will ever do.

I've been a pioneer. 

The other day I was thinking this podcast was more a gift to the future.

A future that will be better than the past.

It will be exciting.

Here's my list:

  1. No one is listening, but if they are - I love that saying, when I started I thought who was listening mattered, but at the start no one was listening, I found comfort in that, it made it easier.
  2. 23'000 people have now listened to the podcast in 104 countries, over 400 cities. Which is amazing. I (me Phil), and All Gardening have a worldwide audience, the question I ponder is just what can I offer the world?
  3. People who click through to the website stick around to learn more, like 98.64% dig deeper into All Gardening.
  4. 37% of all my website traffic comes from people discovering the blog attached to the podcast or the other way round, I'm not sure they are both one and the same thing. 
  5. People listen to me to drop off, when travelling on a train or plane, in bed, in the bath, which makes me think I'm a calm voice perhaps and a good companion.
  6. A lazy discipline, I don't feel I NEED to try hard to do the podcasts, after maybe 60-70 podcasts they are easy to do, I just try and make them better, have more depth of information.
  7. I have a structure to building each podcast, first I write about the days subject in the form of a short blog, I use a few key words but limit any SEO hacks in favour of system thinking (like today's is about the 200th podcast). I then I use Spotify for producers and do the podcast, Spotify helps to link all the podcast channels. I link the content from the blog to the podcasts which creates the discriptions and links (back to my website), I then use Headliner to auto generate a Youtube video.
  8. Growing All Gardening is more radio station than podcast. My podcasts are chatty, around the subject of gardens, lawns and business, but all to often i stray, but on most podcasts I eventually come back to home, which is kinda like a game in my mind.
  9. It's become part of my day, part of me, part of the identity of All Gardening. I'm proud of the "works" I've created.
  10. Building the content for each podcast gets easier every episode, I focus on what I'm doing to move my business forward, think about my customer ahead, and try to bring them closer to me through a daily story.

I guess the thing I've really learnt is doing the podcast sets my day.

I guess doing the podcast has created a story of me and All Gardening.

I guess the story is building a brand.

The brand I'm building is a personal, trustworthy, friendly, open, chatty, kinfolk, and an international brand.

I guess when I travel, If I tell people I'll be travelling somewhere, maybe they will come and meet me?

My past is rooted in the podcast.

I think being able to access the past is powerful.

After all AI is being trained by understanding the past.

One day perhaps someone will join me on the podcast, I don't know who or when, but I hope when it happens it will be a joy for me and the many who will have travelled with me and All Gardening.

I think businesses, and people who tell stories have better lives.

Stories give anything depth.

So to end today's blog and podcast, I say this, I know someone is listening, thank you.

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