202: Notes from the Shed #3

202: Notes from the Shed #3

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Hello friends.

At the start of this year I set my self a limit, I said I’d only work on 85 lawns, near home, that’s it.

I wanted to do one thing well, so I’d have to limit things.

Those 85 lawns will be Lawn Plan Complete customers. I’ll renovate the lawns, grow them out, cut and look after them for 12 months.

When I set this limit, only 85, for one service, I knew it would take time to find the customers.

85 customers, in 12 months, all within 10 miles of my base (HG2 - Harrogate).

I’ve got 81 slots left.

If you interested to learn more about the service, you can here.

Here’s why.

Over the last 18 years I’ve worked in and visited lots and lots of gardens and lawns, I’ve done face to face assessments and virtual assessments via zoom and Face time calls.

Which got me thinking maybe there is a service I can develop where I can be your lawn expert anytime and anywhere.

I’d like to develop this service alongside developing my Lawn Plan Complete service, 85 lawns will give me time to develop both.

Some of you might be wondering why you need a lawn and garden expert, well since the Covid19 years lots and lots of people have become more interested in the lawn and garden.

But getting hold of or knowing where to look for a lawn and garden expert advise is not easy.

So, the idea of having a lawn expert in your pocket so to speak, is aligned to the idea of a lawn and garden subscription service of some kind.

It’s early days but here’s the idea so far.

All Gardening Lawn Food - The page is in beta at the moment, just testing, you can’t buy.

But I’d like you to take a look and see what you think.

And if you’d like to send any feedback my email is phil@allgardening.co.uk

Side note - I’ve been doing a podcast about the idea, and ideas around it, over 200 episodes so far… but what’s in a number.

Well my podcast has now been listened to by 23,000 people, in 104 countries in over 400 cities, and it’s growing.

Until next time.

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