204: Lawn Food Subscription, it's in the bag

204: Lawn Food Subscription, it's in the bag

Today I thought I should start the day by eating something healthy.

So I had a bowl of fresh fruit, some water, and a boiled egg.

Followed by a small shot of coffee.

Which all got me thinking. I should do this more often.

Which I was doing the morning routine, I looked out on my lawn, which looks rather fine this time of year (it's early spring).

The thing I know is I fed my lawn a few weeks ago, I also gave it its first cut a few weeks ago.

My lawn is going to be in fine condition for May 1st, which was my target.

But I know lots and lots of lawns wont be healthy and wont have been fed.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

I've develop a lawn fertiliser subscription service, it gets despatch to you and your lawn every 10 weeks. 

When you get your order, make sure you also eat well.

Don't let the lawn have all the best foods!

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