231: Gardening Heroes

231: Gardening Heroes

Hello Friends!
My Garden heroes!
Did you know I do a daily podcast?
I do it more as a daily journal than anything else.
Episode 250 of the Growing All Gardening podcast should have a guest.
It could be you.
I like people. I like chatty people. I want people with ideas. And most of all I like it when people make me think. 
I'd like to find someone who would be up for coming on the podcast for a chat.
Would you like to?
Do you know someone who we might all be interested in hearing from....
Need not be someone gardening related.
It needs someone who can tell a good story.
And in doing so inspire us.
Help us think different.
And think personal growth!



Founder of All Gardening


The Growing All Gardening podcast with Phil Argent. Short personal stories, moments, ideas discussed. Just you and me. No ads, no guests.

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