237: One word changes everything

237: One word changes everything

Stop, look, you'll know.

Today Was like most days, I started by cutting lawns.

But whilst I was doing that I got thinking about the best things you can buy, I don't quite know why, but that's how my mind rolls whenI'm cutting lawns.

I say this because yesterday I got thinking about what I really do, and what I want people to really understand that I do.

I got thinking about the best cars, how people understand them, the brands and the people behind them.

Like Ferrari, Enzo engineered an awesome product, he told people, he showed people, the cars became legendary, as did he.

I went to Redline cars today as I was passing to check out the Ferrari's.

All I had to do was look, to know.

The Ferrari like a fine English lawn is something you just know.

So, I changed one word on my website home page.

The one word, was CARE, I changed it the word FINE.

I do care, but I care more than just Lawn Care.

I grow fine English lawns

Before I did Lawn Care.

If I'm going to do what I think I do then I thought it would be good to say it.

Intent is everything.

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