238: There is no done

238: There is no done

How we grow and what we grow and why we grow, is not obvious.

But does it need to be.

Starting and doing is the key.

Learning and loving.

Muddy hands, smiles of joy.

There is no done in the garden or with the lawn.

You're in it for good.

And thats ok.

A few years ago I was talking to one of my customers, Roger Lister, old chap with a big garden, fruit trees, veg patch, compost areas and the fine English lawn I helped him take care of.

I asked him if he ever sat down to just look at the work.

His work.

His efforts.

The results.

Whilst holding a mug of tea he said to me, "Phil, how can I ever look back at my work, when there is so much to be done"

"Looking back, Phil, it would be like I'd agreed something is complete"

"If it was Phil, what would I do"

Roger gardened his garden well into his late 80's.

I sent him an email not so long ago.

He replied "Phil, nice to hear from you. I'm 94 now, I don't do the garden anymore, but I do now look on in admiration as others do for me".

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