244: Going astray with Phil..

244: Going astray with Phil..

At the weekend I did something I never thought I'd do.

I went live on Facebook on the All Gardening Cafe.

1.45 mins I was chatting to anyone in the world who would stop and listen.

I walked. 

I chatted.

And I didn't expect anything in return.

You see I thought it was time I started telling more people about All Gardening and specifically why to learn more about All Gardening.

Some people joined me.

A few.

But it wasn't about numbers.

It was about sharing.

Sharing a journey.

That journey is, the journey of Growing All Gardening worldwide.

What followed surprised me and lead me to a new idea, Going astray with Phil.

I walk the gardens of the world, and share what I see.

I had some more thoughts too.

Here's today's podcast.



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