6: Keith said he loves what he does!

6: Keith said he loves what he does!

Today is 22nd of January 2021 and I went to meet Keith our local butcher who runs Addymans.

Keith has been doing the same job in the same shop for 43 years, and you know what he is the happiest shop owner I have ever met.

What I also learnt from Keith today was his family produce all the meat that he sells, his brother does that. They produce beef, pork and lamb and they also produce some superb bacon!

What I also learnt again today, which always amazes me is Keith is always there at the shop, every day of the week and from 1st light to close up. He just loves it. Which is really nice to see and understand.

Why don’t we all do something we love? Well, I think some of us do.

If there is something that I and Keith share its that we simply love what we do, and to be honest its the love of simple things that makes business (in Keith’s case) work for 43 years uninterrupted.

For me, I’ve just got started, but 16 years and 25,000 lawn visits later I still love what I do.

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