75: World class consistency

75: World class consistency

I think I missed this point a few years back, most of us want to be excellent at something.
I think I'd missed that point until recently.
I think the first time I was asked why do I look after lawns (I think the point being made to me was it was too easy, or I made it look easy) was one evening down the pub on a Friday evening.
In 2014, on a summer evening, a good mate who was a systems developer for one of the London banks quizzed me "why" I looked after lawns.
"Phil, you're always on holiday"
I laughed, did he really only see how relaxed I looked, how confident I felt, how reassured I seemed to be, could he not see that I was "always-on", always concerned about my team, my customers, my vans (I had 5 running around), my suppliers, the machinery we used, the results I craved!
"It's simple, but not obvious, you see I want to provide world-class lawns, lawns that people admire and talk about" because by doing that they are helping share the "why", why do I need a beautiful lawn.
I subconsciously wanted my team and business to deliver world-class consistency, every visit.
I like to think now, looking back at that chat, we were and still do.
We delivered world-class consistency every visit, every day for every customer.
But, it wasn't a holiday, it was a mission.
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