80: My lawn is NOT for sale!

80: My lawn is NOT for sale!

Today I visited a lawn, it was at a new build house, let's say there wasn't much lawn to talk about, more holes, bricks weeds and some couch grass. 

Which reminded me of a problem my lawn has, both my house and the lawn I was assessing had one thing in common, new builds, you just don't know what's under the grass waiting to appear.

You see my home, which I moved into just over a year ago, on the edge of Harrogate, it's a farm house style build has a small 240m2 lawn, a new lawn, not very flat, I believe from what I'm told it was laid during heavy rain, it has holes in it the size of foot prints! (Note: I have a new lawn to lay this year, mine!)

During the summer of 2021 I started to notice a rectangular area of my lawn appearing to burning out (lose colour and turn to yellow straw) very very fast, there was no reason for this, the lawn was in generally good condition for the time of year.

This could only mean one thing, looking at the size of the rectangle, there was a for sale sign under the lawn!

But my lawn wasn't for sale!

Just goes to show, if you want a nice lawn, what goes under the grass, in the root zone is something you really need to know about, because it's the root zone that makes a lawn grow.

If you have a new build, and you don't know how it's been built, you might want to have a poke about, before something starts to appear, bricks and sand are normal, for sale signs and planks less so!

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