88: How short, the first cut

88: How short, the first cut

It's February, It's sunny, It's windy and it's a perfect day to give the lawn it's first cut of the year.

It's exciting to get the mower out, get it started and see how things are. 

I'm always nervous of the first cut, one reason is I'm always concerned that the mowers won't start after being still for a while (but they are nearly always fine.

The first cut is often not as good as you'd hoped it would be, not all the grass is growing, there may be some patches of worm casts that you didn't see and roll over, it could even be a little more un-level than you remember, that often happens after frosts and snow, you'd do with rolling it a little.

The most important thing with the first cut is to not go to low, just a few mm off the tops, it will just help to get things started.

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