92: Going local down in Harrogate

92: Going local down in Harrogate

Well today I was reminded of a song, 

Going loco down in Acapulco by the Four Tops today, not because I was listening to the song by because I was very much going local with my suppliers and the song came to mind.

Adding Harrogate on the end doesn't have quite the same rhythm.

It's weird how the mind works, and mine all too often finds a song to link to a task.

Today I wanted to spend a bit of time finding my best local suppliers for all things ground materials, which included turf, soils, lawn dressing and grass seed.

So where was the best place to start finding the best suppliers? We'll I'll ask my local hire company Paul Yates would be a good place to start.

I had a chat with the delivery driver who came to pick up my aerator and scarifier, he suggested a few places but the one that was most local to me for turf, soils, lawn dressings and grass seed was Riverside Quarry in the outskirts of Knaresborough so I thought I'd drive over. 

I popped in to meet the team and had a check of the materials.

They were a super friendly bunch happy to show me around, and I have to say I do love seeing topsoils and lawn dressings under cover from the elements, as dry as they can be.

After a good chat, I thought this seemed like a place I was familiar with so opened an account.

Local matters, small connections help.

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