Racing Turf.

Racing Turf.

I can't escape it.

I mean wherever I look i see it.

Like everywhere.

Is that a bad thing?

Grass, Turf, Green!

You see last weekend was Johnno and Sue's joint birthday bash down at Wetherby Race Course.

It was a fun day, and a few races.

I didn't gamble on all the races, I knew I had to work one thing out.

I had to understand the turf, and it's condition, and which horses would perform best on the day.

The going was soft to heavy at the start of the day.

But it didn't rain.

So it didn't get any worst.

I asked around who is worth betting on.

The "most beautiful horse" I was told.

The "one that is light on there toes", I also heard.

So, After seeing what was happening throughout the day.

I made a bet on the last race.

I looked at the turf, I looked at the horse, I backed an outsider, who just looked beautiful.

The odds - 9 to 1.

I put my bet on. 

To win.

It won.

Maybe there is something I need to share here, I've looked at grass now for nearly 20 years, and I've lived outside most of that time, I know how much those 2 things connect.

Turf = Performance.




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