Franks lawn. And what Henry did for us.

Franks lawn. And what Henry did for us.

Franks lawn.

I worked for Frank and Henry VII his dog for years.

Frank was 87.

Henry was a puppy.

Henry was Frank's 8th dog.

I looked after the lawn. Frank looked after the garden.

He did the gardening rather well.

Henry on the other hand dug holes.

Small holes.

Henry was looking for something.

Frank and I used to talk about the holes.

Always in the same place.

I'd fill them in, and grow new grass.

Henry would dig them out.

Henry knew what he was doing.

Frank knew what Henry was doing.

It took me years to realise that they both knew.

I didn't know.

What did they know I didn't?

They looked after each other.

I was their witless friend.

Henry kept Frank going, Frank knew this.

Henry kept me going, I didn't know this.

The 3 of us did something I'll later come to appreciate.

We were all trusted companions.

Each looking after the other in one way or another.

It's like the All Gardening Facebook group, we're all here to keep an eye on each, to keep each other going.

Could you make sure to share your garden and lawn moments?

Could you bring a friend to the group who you'd like to keep an eye on you?

Everyone is a friend. A worldwide cafe vibe.

Come and join the All Gardening Cafe.


Chat soon.

Phil - Founder of The All Gardening Cafe


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