Join the Climate Movement

Join the Climate Movement

A gateway to the soul

Your garden is one small part of our planet earth.

But we're just custodians.

We're here for just a short time.

A moment.

Some 2,240,543,59 seconds if I'm to be exact.

You can make every second count.

Or you can waste it.

Your call.

But at the end of your life, there will be none left.

Time spent caring about our planet goes fast.

Time spent caring about what you don't have goes slow.

Our gardens give us hope.
Our gardens you can get lost in.
Our gardens give to others more than you'd think.

Think about the now.

Give now or you'll lose it all.

And do it.

Make each second count.

One day, your last, you will go to the time bank and think about what you could have done, but didn't.

Have no regrets.

Join us, and connect the gardens of our planet earth.

Every second counts.

Join us.

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The Growing All Gardening podcast with Phil Argent.

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