Nearly budding... can't wait now.

Nearly budding... can't wait now.

Simple as it may seem, but I can't wait for the first buds to appear.

I've been a few movements on a few plants, but were not through the worst of winter yet.

What typically happens is January is ok, and things get moving, but then, February can be really cool and even have snow!

The werid thing is the snow period that last days, gets very lost a few weeks later (and I mean 8 weeks of so in April) when we can have really hot days.

I've said it a few times now to a few people, but I think in a normal year, we might get as many as 10 micro seasons, generally around the theme of the main season, but very much hotter, or colder or wetter than expected.

Let's see how things roll.

Come on spring lets get here...



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