The 30% rule.

The 30% rule.

The 30% rule.

This is a good idea.

Everyday I get asked "how often should you cut the lawn".

I often say "everyday, or when it needs a trim".

This always leads to a quizzical look?

Yet, most people won't do it.

Instead, they cut once a week, or every "mowing day".

Let me explain.

Quick context:

Every lawn has different grasses, different soils (root zone), and different growth rates.

Yet, most people miss the importance of the last bit, growth rate.

The thing is you have to cut the lawn every time it grows. It will grow daily.


Understand what length your grass should be.

You need to get in contact with us to find that out.

But here's an example

Let's say your lawn will look best at 25mm, you need to cut it regularly at that length.

You're only allowed to cut 30% of the grass off with each cut.

It might grow 5 mm a day. Which is 35mm a week.
30% is 10 mm.

So if you cut it every 7 days, you won't be able to keep it at 25 mm.

Once a week won't be enough to get the cut length back to its ideal length (25mm).

So, to maintain the ideal and healthy cut length and it grows 5 mm a day, you'll have to cut it every 2 days.

Keep in mind regular cuts make easier lawn cuts, less start and stop.

Hope that was useful.

See you, until next time friends.

Phil - Founder of The All Gardening and The All Gardening Cafe


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