The Lawns

The Lawns

It's been a few weeks since I talk about lawns.

Yes my friends just lawns.

But today I'm going to get back to the green stuff.

During the summer lawns look there best.

We know this because we can just see them.

We can feel them, walk on them barefoot.

Under foot a summer lawn feels fine.

No stress.

No troubles.

No rush.

Just laying there. For us to use.

For us to look after.


That's what a lawn offers us.

A time to watch time grow.

What I've always found a pleasure whilst looking after lawns is this, once the lawn has been cut, and cut well, to the right length, well fed and well watered, you can look back and you will say "god that looks good".

There aren't many things you do where the end of the task leads to such a feeling of satisfaction.

Yesterday I was cutting my lawn and a couple of my neighbours lawns. I do it for them as they work away a lot. I treat all 3 lawns as if they were all mine. 

When cut, and cut well I always look back and admire the moment.

There is always a moment when I pause. 

The pause is the moment I feel good.

It's a moment when I feel like all the hard work is worth it.

I'll come back another day.

And another.

Not just because the grass keeps growing. 

No, I'll come back again because It feels good.

Here's to The Lawns.



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