The Power of Ten

The Power of Ten

The power of ten.

  1. Lists are fun.
  2. Lists are cool.
  3. Lists are information.
  4. Lists save time.
  5. Lists can be repetitive.
  6. Lists can be repetitive.
  7. Lists are opinions.
  8. Lists can guide you.
  9. Lists bring new things.
  10. Lists are usually best when they contain no more than ten things.
  11. Mostly.

Ten things that the All Gardening family swear by.


  1. A strong cup of tea.
  2. Health, fitness and good food.
  3. My friendship with Amanda my wife.
  4. Oban my thinking (walking companion).
  5. Cold showers, 30 seconds a day.
  6. Superior quality, nice things.
  7. Good ideas.
  8. Holidays, active ones, surf and yoga is perfect.
  9. Friends and laughs.
  10. A good flat white.


  1. Good food.
  2. A good nights rest.
  3. Spending time with those I love.
  4. Travelling and exploring new places.
  5. Holiday.
  6. Keeping active.
  7. University.
  8. Oban, my dog when he's not with Phil.
  9. Herbal teas and fancy coffee.
  10. Sangria on the beach.


  1. Health and wellbeing.
  2. Cooking sophisticated tasty food.
  3. Oban our family dog is ace, when he's not with Phil.
  4. Rewards in any form.
  5. Having constant goals in everyday life.
  6. Being surrounded by positive minded people.
  7. Rugby.
  8. An early night sleep.
  9. Listening to good music.
  10. Always having variety in life.


  1. A walk on the beach
  2. Being present in the moment.
  3. Living for today.
  4. Dancing to great music.
  5. A hug.
  6. Nice trainers.
  7. Honesty.
  8. A good 8 hours sleep.
  9. A gin and tonic, Hendricks.
  10. Walking on my own with Oban, when he's not with Phil.

Oban - the family dog.

  1. Walks, more walks and more walks with Phil.
  2. Walks and hugs with Angus.
  3. Walks and hugs with Maddie.
  4. Walks and hugs with Amanda.
  5. Food.
  6. Sleep.
  7. Food.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Food.
  10. Repeat.




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