Yours, and ONLY Yours

Yours, and ONLY Yours

We sometimes think a new lawn comes from a few treatments.

We play it safe.

We stick with a formula that we ALREADY know doesn't suit us.

But it's better than nothing right?


We try and seek better in less, spend less because whats being done doesn't really work.

Ignore the obvious.

To do better, you have to do more.

And Yet you'll wait.

It gets worst.

It can't get better.

I learnt this a long time ago, doing less was never going to do enough.

So, I started to think differently, perhaps I should do more.


So, I started to look at maximising the inputs.

The inputs at the beginning.

Sure you can feed old grass, and give it a shot.


You can add new grass.

New = power.

New = energy.

New = better.

When you add new grass to YOUR lawn, it becomes yours.

Not a lawn thats grown in perfect conditions in a open field somewhere in UK.

A lawn grown from seed belongs in one place and one place only.

Your lawn, grown from seed in your garden is.... YOURS.

No one else's.

We start there.

It's simple, but so few do.


Phil - Founder of The All Gardening and The All Gardening Cafe


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