You've done enough, rest, relax, and be grateful.

You've done enough, rest, relax, and be grateful.

"You've done enough."

I've been thinking about this now for a week.

It's been a busy year, it's been good, it's been a bit tricky, during some of it I've felt ahead, sometimes I haven't.

But that's business. Always learning.

Here's a few more than 10... learnings and thoughts.

  1. I decided this year to focus All Gardening to a fine lawns ONLY business, this is awesome focus for me, I love this challenge. It excites me.
  2. I changed the All Gardening website hundreds of times, minor edits, minor touches, all with the aim to focus on being the best, growing and showing the finest lawns in the UK. I placed Lawn Plan and My Lawn Food at the heart of the business and its future.
  3. I found the thinking in the statement "Simple is not the same as easy" hugely inspiring, growing fine lawns is simple but it is not easy!
  4. I brought back the original logo, from 2004!
  5. I started writing and telling the story of All Gardening, Lawn Plan and Fine Lawns, that's been a quest which I've enjoyed.
  6. I started writing letters to gather new business, all focused on doing less, fine lawns, that's worked well.
  7. I went back to London to work in July, this has been a huge help in developing the model of fine lawn care, just more demand and faster growth.
  8. I designed the Lawn Plan speedy system, which includes a lawn reset, grow-out, and maintenance service parts, this is solid.
  9. I've learnt that I can pre-sell the Lawn Plan service any time of year, I knew this, but I'd forgotten.
  10. I've learnt that I've done a quarter of what I could have done, but the buisness model needed to change to allow that, which took till near end of year to complete on.
  11. I released that local marketing, means flyers, door to door, and lots. Meet people and meet people, repeat. Leave social media marketing too much later in the business development.
  12. A lawn re-set creates control around Lawn Plan, after that there is a subscription service, either My Lawn Food or Lawn Plan maintenance.
  13. To grow the finest lawns in the UK it takes intent, and experience and commitment, this is what I bring to 2024.
  14. I have learnt a huge amount about myself and the world I live in this year.

I've tried things that have worked, and some that haven't, the best ideas came towards the end of the year, those are the ideas I'll take into 2024.

So for now, it time to just chill, reflect, feel good about what's been done. 

Let go of what hasn't worked.

You will smash it in 2024.

Feel ready for 2024, and the joy it and you will bring others.

I feel grateful to each and everyone who has been a customer, helped me in someway, and supported me, everyone.

The smallest tokens I am so so grateful for. 

Happy Christmas and New Year Everyone.

Much Love 

Phil - Founder of All Gardening

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