Grass Sports Club

Grass Sports Club


Do you have an active membership how might be interested in having a better home lawn. 

Perks of the Ambassador Programme


Exclusive discounts for your clients.


An extra source of income from the referrals you make.

Lawn Food Discount

Exclusive access to 30% discount on our Lawn Food and Lawn Tea.


Lawn care leaflets & educational information to share with your clients.

Lawn Plan Discount

If you are a Lawn Plan customer, 15% discount on your service when you have made 6 referrals.


Join a community of over 1,000 like-minded, lawn-loving people, and build your network of landscaping professionals,


Invitation to our All Gardening Ambassador Facebook group for exciting pre-launch updates & educational on everything lawn care.

Lawn Care Helpline

Access to Grass Masters helpline for you and your clients.


Dedicated Ambassador Programme Team

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